Shipping "from" regional

I did a search and couldn’t find anything related.

We’re a rookie team and want to know what’s the procedure for shipping our robot home from the regional or shipping the robot to Atlanta (:D).

I understand that Shepard reps will be at the pit to help with shipping. However, do we print out our own shipping labels to put on the crate to either ship home or ship to Atlanta? Besides the Bill of Lading, any other documentation work we need to prepare before we go to the regional?


Section 4.15 has the answer for the Championship event. Assuming you get there (via qualifying for you guys), you’ll get your home shipment Bill of Lading there.

However, for the rest, you’ll have another donated shipment to get you home, so make sure that you have your Bill of Lading for that.

Yup that I got. However, do we need to prepare shipping labels, like the labels we had to print out for shipping TO regional?

Yes you will need to provide your own shipping labels.

At Buckeye they had shipping labels there that you could fill out and stick on your crate.

But it’s always better to have computer printed very clear labels. We even go as far as laminating them.

We preprint labels for home and Atlanta (we got to use the Atlanta ones this year!) and bring protective sleeves, and a staple gun and 1/4" staples to attach them. We also usually bring a printer, it comes in very handy for this type of thing.

The mild panic of “huh, guess we’re gonna have to figure out how to send this thing to Atlanta” is a rare treat… I’d have to say I prefer it. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, our experience was the same as Jimmy’s; there were fill-in-the-blanks labels available at our event for teams who found themselves shipping their robot to an unexpected destination.