Shipping help

The shipping document is super clear… (NOT)

It states: Print two (2) copies of the Consignee Address labels found in the shipping and drayage information that will be emailed to you.

So far, I have not received anything, and not sure when I am supposed to be getting these labels… Why are they not included in the packet that has the BOL and pro number stickers?

As of right now, I have a crate with a robot, with my numbers on it.

I have 2 pages from the packet with my team number, phone number, and contact name. Where do those go?

I have 6 stickers with the FedEx number on them. I assume they go on this mysterious “emailed” address form that I need to affix to my box… I still am unsure how I will attach two (2) copies to 4 sides.

Can someone call me at 231-250-9039 and help me?
Jim (aka CMP Noob)

Is your team fully registered and paid for Championship? That could be a factor. I’d email and get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

This is just a clusterf**k. It says in the documents to call FedEx one week before your ship date, or as soon as you have completed your payment for championship…

Thats a little tough to do considering we qualified 2 days ago, got our documentation on Saturday night, built a crate on Sunday, and are supposed to have this to the shipping location by Friday. (Friday - One Week = before we even qualified)

Championship logistics tend to be that way, given the compressed timetables. The good news is that you’re not alone, and it’s not that far from Michigan to Missouri. Send FRC Team Support an email with your questions, and at the absolute worst you’ll have a paper trail going. But more likely is that you’ll get answers tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Here is the directions. It has links to the forms.

Section 5.8 has shipping contacts. At this late date, I would call them because you need to get your crate on the road.

The labels with numbers on them are called pro number. They are the equivalent to tracking numbers & ID numbers. You want one on every side. I tape over them with clear tape so they don’t fall off.

The consignee labels is the ship to address. You want that on the front and back of the crate. Front and back is relative to the fork lift that moves the crate.

You should also have a BOL-Bill of laden. It is the multi part fed-ex form. You keep a copy and the driver takes a copy. That form has all the information to ship your robot & billing. This is the one you do not want to lose.

But yes, if you don’t deal with truck shipments regularly they can be confusing.

One other thing: figure out now if you can get the robot crate to a loading dock before you schedule the pickup. If not, you’re going to need to ask for a lift gate. This may cause delays, as not every truck has one, but FedEx throws us a bone and doesn’t charge us for the service. Sound clueless and frazzled and appreciated enough, and the driver will probably walk a fair distance with the pallet jack to retrieve it. But do try to set it all up for an easy pickup as best you can, even if that means walking the crate parts and the bagged robot out to a spot and then attaching it all together. :slight_smile:

The instructions are largely written for those qualifying before week 7. The forms are normally generated at First and emailed. Since your crate is supposed to be in St Louis on Fri, the procedure for week seven events is a little different. You where handed documents that would have been emailed to you if you had an earlier event. Some substitution is required. :]

Thanks for the assistance… The liftgate is a non-issue, we have a forklift where the robot is. We already confirmed with the driver we could get it on there… the BOL we figured out, and we have the Pro-Number stickers, just couldnt figure out where they needed to go on, and apparently its on an address label that gets emailed out.

One sticker should be close to the address label. The rest should be on multiple sides of the crate. The drives scans the bar code to know what to do with the crate.

The ship to address is on the BOL. You should have gotten the labels in the packet that included the BOL. They are actually sheets of paper Shepard Expo Services 8500N Hall St, St Louis MO 53147. With space under it for your team number and contact so it finds it way to your pits.

We got it all straightened out with a couple phone calls and the assistance of you fine folks.

My skill in shipping logistics has increased by 1 point.