Shipping Important Question***

Hey Guys!!!

Well our team has finally reached the last step, shipping, of completing this robot.

We just have some general questions for other teams out there:

For one what do you guys use to “pack” your robot in the crate? We were thinking bubble wrapping and somewhere along that line.

Any prior experience and information to this question is highly appreciated.

Also if you guys have some other good tips to the entire shipping process or something to “watch out for” while shipping - it would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

-team2554lifenb out

330’s method: Robot on left side of the crate, tool bins on the right. A mesh screen separates them. The robot is secured by a pair of blocks that can be screwed down to the bottom of the crate. One is at the back, while the other is at the front. Both have a layer of tread on the side towards the robot.

Things to watch out for: Crates have been smashed in transit before, also run through by a forklift. REINFORCE your crate! It should be able to take at least 400 lbs on top, preferably more.

Secure it to the floor of the crate. We build chocks that that go over the four corners of the robot. The inside two are mounted, the robot is slid into them, the outside two are put over the outside corners and screwed into the floor.