Shipping industry finally gets "touch it, own it"

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those boxes look like they are getting pretty beat up


I interned at Lockheed Martin in the department that designs the sorting system for packages, and let me tell you that is nothing compared to what the get routinely put through.

We actually had a test machine there with fake packages and they got torn up daily :joy:


Wait a minute…

FedEx began searching six years ago for ways to automate trailer unloading

6 years ago would have been 2013. We know the GDC has been doing 2-year cycles for a while (They’re finishing the 2020 game this year while starting on the 2021 game as well)… that means in 2013 they were just starting on the 2015 game. The relationship here between the 2015 game and what companies like FedEx does is difficult to ignore…


How many pallets can a Forklift lift compared to how many totes can a robot lift.

The yellow and green cup like bells are a row of suction cups

I guess it’s fitting then that I snapped these pictures of a luggage mover at the airport on my way back from Detroit. Take a good look at the wheels on the surface: they’re the same mecanums and omnis we use for driving robots in all directions.


I believe I remember hearing that FedEx had donated the game elements for 2015. Not sure if they had any hand in developing the game, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me. I picked up on the same thing when reading the article before even getting to the CD comments.

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