Shipping Info

Just letting everyone know(in case you already don’t) that you can’t make shipping arrangements through FedEx until monday. We just talked with them on the phone a few minutes ago. The phone number for arranging this is 866-393-4585. NOT the number given in the shipping section of the manual(800 463 3339). Good luck and happy ship date.

Hmmm. That may be a regional thing. We have our arrangements with FedEx in place, and are all set for our Tuesday pick up.


In the past, it’s been a 3-days-in-advance deal.
Good news: our FedEx materials are in the same place we put them 6 weeks ago.
I was more than a little surprised.

We are all set up for Tuesday pick up as well, we used all the info off the shipping information webpage to set it up:

Hmm. That is funny because we called and they told us no arrangements until monday. Maybe the person we talked to didn’t understand or give us the right information.:confused: