Shipping information

Called Fedex today to start the pickup process. Trouble is I have found no information about the Bayou Regional…where to ship. The person at Fedex is familiar with the FIRST program, but said “they” haven’t gotten any information about this year’s shipping. Its a week before contact deadline!
I have put in a call and an email for Bayou Regional information. The information provided in the Fedex package and FIRST shipping information isn’t much help. Just very frustrated after spending 1+ hours trying to set the pick up. Any adivce?

FIRST doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get the shipping information out there. We’ve had issues as well this year with shipping. We’ve called FIRST and they’ve told us “don’t worry, the information will be available soon.”

Relax, it’s 2 weeks away. Give it until the 18th before you start to feel anxiety.