Shipping Labels on crate

This is the first year I have been in charge of getting our robot shipped to champs. We just qualified this weekend so it has been a mad couple of days to get crate built and packed.

It says to make 4 copies of bill of Landing and Consignee form. Do I put each of these in its own sleeve and attach to side of crate? Or do I put the 2 forms in one sleeve and attach? If I put together, which one goes on top to be visible?

Can you post pictures of your labels.


I’m certain that at least one copy will go INSIDE the crate. Even normal shipping in cardboard boxes usually has a packing list/address info both inside and outside the box.

OBTW, where do you see the instruction to make four copies? I can’t even find the word lading [not landing] in any of the rules, event rules, or shipping ifo.

I know last year the instructions said to print and attach a copy of the form (cant remember what the form was called) to each side of the crate. We made a sleeve for each side.

Edit: just reread the post. I cant remember if we put a copy of each form on each side. I’ll have to look for some pictures of the crate to see.

The instructions that came when they emailed us the forms say make 4 copies and attach to each side of the crate. I have a sleeve for each side, but do I put both forms in each sleeve or a separate sleeve for each form/2 on each side?

Personally, I would make six copies, put four into your four sleeves (one on each face) as requested, tape another to the bag with packing tape (maybe in another pouch, or a ziploc bag), and bring another with you to CMP along with your robot lock up form because you never know what info from it you might need. This information cannot be in too many places.

Here are some pictures of our crate from last year as it was being shipped. It shows 3 sides. 2 sides have 2 forms on it and the 3rd has one. Not sure what was on the 4th side. It’s all a blur at this point.

I’d say if you have the material/sleeves to put both on all 4 sides, do it. Couldn’t hurt.

putone copy of the big printed label on each side. Put a copy of the bill of lading in an envelope on each side, it’s ok to fold it up first. If you have batteries in the crate, be sure to use the Nonspillable Battery labels, too.

Be sure to circle “Robot Crate”, and write in the PRO number (from the Bil of Lading) and the team number, school name, and POC on the big label.

The info about this stuff is kind of vague, and is in the email that is sent to teams that need to ship their robot.

Make sure you put your team number in big, painted on numbers, on at least one side of the crate. All four sides would probably be better.

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