Shipping Labels

In I’m trying to find the shipping labels but I couldn’t.I took a look robot shipping and paper work but I couldn’t see them.If you know where they are, could you please send those links.

The labels depend on which event.

The “Shipping/Drayage” documents will be under the specific event.

The Seattle regionals are bag and tag, the American teams will not be shipping thier robots. I assume you worked out something special to ship your robot from Istanbul to a bag and tag regional?

We are in touch with the head director of FIRST about transportation of the robot but I am wondering to find the paper which we stick on the box.
On the paper sender and the receiver are written. I think it’s called label.
Does that paper come with the KOP or do we print it out?

If we are printing it out could you put the link here…

The labels that are posted in link I put above are for sending your robot to what is called “drayage” where the robot is stored before the event for a regular shipping event (not a bag and tag event.)

You are a special case and you really need to get the process outlined through FIRST HQ.