I just reread all shipping rules to make sure we were ok on everything. the rules say “ALL team robots/crates must leave the team’s hands by February 19, 2008.” does this mean that tomorrow (monday) we have to have the robot out of our hands or tuesday the robot has to be out of our hands.

I now found on the FIRST website on page “Your robot must ship on or before February 19, 2008.”

can anyone simply state how the process should go??? like when to call what to say where to put the crate and things like that

It has to leave your hands Tuesday.

Typically, Tuesday is the ship day. If it isn’t out of your hands by the time the shipper closes on Tuesday, you’re out of luck. Nothing, however, says you can’t ship on Monday.

thank you, as this is my first year leading and we have 1 mentor and it’s his first year I thought we were screwed


Do not forget to send FIRST notification that your robot ***W******AS ***shipped. You are to mail a copy of the receipt showing date and time robot was shipped

After much confusion, we just found out that FIRST didnt notify Fedex that Hawaii teams still get to use airbills to “fly” robots to mainland regionals.
They told us at first that our robot would get to virginia barely in time if we were lucky enough by Fedex freight for a week 2 regional.
Instead, 3 days!:smiley: