Shipping rules are released!

Posted by Andy Baker at 1/3/2001 1:27 PM EST

Engineer on team #45, TechnoKats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

I have received a packet from FIRST that includes Competition and Kickoff Registration Confirmations. I assume that all team coordinators received the same packet. Inside the packet, there are sections that give details about each regional our team is attending. Within each regional section, there are SHIPPING RULES!

I’ll highlight the important stuff:

  1. The ship date is Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2001. (Raul, you were right!)

  2. We can bring the robot home after a Regional and keep it until 5pm local time on the following Tuesday… OR we can ship it from the Regional to the next Competition. I think that they already mentioned this, but this verifies the 'keep ‘til Tuesday’ rule.

  3. If we use Yellow Freight, then we don’t have to fax in the ‘out of hands’ verification… also, we can use the Yellow Freight website for easier pickup and tracking.

So far, everything looks simple, clear and organized.

Andy B.