Shipping Rules Date Question

Obviously the robot must be postmarked by the 19th.
In section 4 of the manual, 4.9.4 reads “The crate(s) must be delivered to your team’s initial event’s drayage warehouse by Monday, Feb 25th, 2008.”

However, our first and sadly, only regional in Milwaukee, claims in the 2008_WI_Shipping.pdf that “All crates must arrive at the Shepard Exposition Services Advance Warehouse (drayage terminal) by March 10, 2008.”

Since we’re in MN, we could have potential weather problems in shipping (just being cautious), so does it have to be there by the 25th or 10th? Or is the March date just for teams attending multiple regionals, so they have a different date since it would have to be somewhere else on the 25th?

Once it leaves you it is out of your hands :slight_smile:

You have no control after the 19th. Your company will take it to dry storage and make sure that it gets to Milwaukee in time.

Just make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly. :smiley:

So if it’s postmarked by the 19th but somehow arrives late we’re not DQed or anything?

Minnesota snowstorms can be brutal, and we want to make sure the burden of it being there on the 25th is not on us. Otherwise we would have to ship probably the 15th or something.

The main reason of the ship rule is so teams have the same amount of time to work on the robot. I dont think they really care when it arrives, but just to be safe talk to someone regarding shipping from the regional crew. Sorry, I dont know who or where to find who it would be, can anyone else help. Our team is going to Wisconsin also, we will see you there.

In the past if weather caused teams to not meet shipping dates, FIRST gave special dispensation. That was in the past; what happened in previous years may not apply now.

Also I don’t think they care that much when the crate arrives at the drayage facility. I’m sure that’s more important for the first weekend events than for later ones, and probably applies mostly to teams that are shipping long distances or from remote locations - for example Newfoundland to Boston. If your box doesn’t arrive because of a delay by the shipper, it can’t be your fault.

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Off topic

why aren’t you going to the compitition at the UofM?

the U of M filled up really quick…we’re a rookie team and didn’t know about the FRC until it was filled…besides the bus trip and hotel should double the fun

Ouch, that’s too bad. Last year when we went to Milwaukee just traveling there cost more than our robot, lol