Shipping Scare!!!

We were working on our robot and handling a joint practice field on Monday when a Fed-Ex truck pulled up and was looking for a robot.
When all was finally worked out it turned out that he was looking for a robot crate from Team 1165 from Phoenix, Arizona. We called their phone number and everything got worked out…
With luck they went out Tuesday from their site…

OUR location is Seattle, Washington by the way…


I hope you did not waste as good as set up line as that. I hope someone said, down I-5 for 1000miles, take a left you can’t miss 'em.


I got chills just reading that.

I know I would have dove at a calender to confirm the date:-)

Our driver was not only almost exactly on time (2:30) turns out he was an alumni of the school. I am not into omens but some felt that was worth something :slight_smile:

See you all soon!!!