Shipping the Battery

I was just looking at the updates to the shipping information and if says that we do not have to ship the batteries anymore… is this true or should we just ship it just in case

True. It’s been that way in Section 4 all along. You may ship the batteries, or you can leave them at home and bring them with you later.

According to battery update 4.2, Non North American teams cannot ship batteries with the robot. North American team can, if they follow the regulations concerning packaging within the robot crate. It would seem to your advantage, if you can bring batteries to the Regionals with you, they could be fully charged and ready to go on Thurs morning for practice rounds. Otherwise, they will be in the crate for a long period of time before the Regional, and will likely need recharging when you open the crate to unpack your robot. There is a 600 lb. weight limit on the crate with robot, so some teams pack other items with the robot inside the crate that they will need at the competition, and not have to carry as much with them. Build your crate strong to protect your robot, and bind your robot down to prevent damage. Some of us even tarp the ropbot inside the crate to protect it from potential water damage. Bring tools with you to open the robot crate, or you will be waiting to borrow tools from other teams. Follow the suggestions and guidelines in the Copetition Manual, and be creative.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But only 400 lbs is free.