Shipping the Final Regionals' Robots

The long awaited announcement of the dates for the Nationals came as a shock to me. We always participate in the NJ Regional, this year on April 3-5, and that gives us only 4 days to ship the robot from NJ to Texas for the Nationals. Likewise there are several other regionals on the same date. I guess the Houston regional folks just leave the crates there!

Last year, after the Nationals, it took almost three weeks to get our machine back from Florida. I remember that it came the day before we needed to leave for the PARC and everybody was anxious about it! Fedex told us that they fit the machines in on flights as the space allowed.

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything substantiated about how FIRST is dealing with this logistical problem?

I am sure they have an answer to this.


Last year we here at Smithtown (Long Island, New York) got our bot back 3 days after nats, so it is possible. Otherwise, I’m sure FIRST will make some kind of deal like arrange/pay for express shipping or something similar.

I know a couple years ago(2001 maybe?) FIRST had a special truck travelling from the regionals held the week before the Championship for those teams competing at the Championship, to ensure that all the robots got there safely…I’m sure they have already or will have something worked out…