Shipping the minibot ?

I’ve done a quick search through the manual using keywords to find the rules for shipping it but I came up empty. Anyone have the rule off the top of their head with a reference in the manual? Thanks !

You don’t have to ship the mini bot at all. It is considered separate from the withholding allowance, and you can simply walk into the competition with mini bot in hand.

<R33> Teams may bring a maximum of 30 pounds of custom FABRICATED ITEMS (SPARE PARTS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, and UPGRADE PARTS, plus all WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE items)…
There are three exceptions to this rule:

B. the MINIBOT is not included in the incoming parts weights restriction, and

You may ship it with the robot, you may keep it and bring it with you to competition but it does not count towards the withholding allowance. FTC and FLL teams may bring a minibot to any competition to offer it for any FRC teams to use so there is no restriction on shipping.

that’s what I thought but I wanted to be sure, thanks a ton guys !