Shipping the RC

[FONT=Century Gothic]I read the rules and understood them as that the teams were able to keep ALL the electronics and be able to program. Today I read in a thred that prgming during the fixit window is not permited and that the RC had to be shiped. DOES IT NEED TO BE AND I AM SCREWED OR AM I SAFE AS LONG AS I PRGM WITHIN THE WINDOW PLEASE HELP!! IF POSIBLE IM ME ON YAHOO @ phoenixomega001 thanx i will moniter this tread.[/FONT[COLOR=DarkOrange]undefined]

The RC MUST be shipped with the robot. You are not allowed to keep it. You may only keep the OI.

OK, so it appears that you have committed a major rules violation and you are screwed, so what to do now? The best advice I can give you is call FIRST the very first thing in the morning. Ask to talk to Bob Hammond. Explain what happened, and throw yourself on the mercy of FIRST. Offer to immediately pack up the RC and FedEx it anywhere they desire as proof that it is no longer in your possession, to be returned only when you get to the competition event. Offer to, in exchange for the “free time” you had with the RC, not participate in any practice sessions on the Thursday of your first competition and go into your first match on Friday “as-is” after reinstalling the RC.

The worst they can do is say “no” - and they just might say “yes.”


p.s. please get rid of the orange font - it is very difficult to read.

It looks like it’s OK to have kept the RC. That wasn’t my understanding when ours went in the box, but we have last year’s to play with.

ID 1731
Q: In order to continue work on our program, may we keep the 2005 kit of parts IFI robot controller after shipment as part of the controls?

A: Yes. See #1709 answered on Tuesday, 2/22/2005.

As to programing outside the fix it window:

ID 1739
Q: Regarding 1569: Are to therefore construe that if we create any code after the Fix-it window ends, code that we wish to use at comp, that we must re-type all said code at the competition? We can not do it beforehand in any way?

A: You must type it in. The analogy is the building of parts… you can plan but it must be built onsite.