Shipping w/ Anderson Connectors

Is it necessary to take the Anderson connectors off each battery when shipping them. Seems like tedious labor to take them off 6 batteries and then reattaching them and heat shrinking them at each competition. I know the rule states that we must use the original plastic caps from the batteries and the original box, but we are shipping 6 batteries and don’t have the original caps or the original boxes for 4 of them.

Check the Q&A system I remember reading a question about this already I believe they said you could cut holes in the top of the boxes for the Anderson connectors to come out of but don’t take my word for it. Check the Q&A.

Found it:

ID: 1503 Section: 6.2 Status: Answered Date Answered: 2/7/2005
Q: Can the new batteries be shipped (in the original box with notches cut for the #6 wires) with the Anderson attached provided the battery terminals are properly insulated and an insulated cap is on the end of the connector?

A: You may cut notches in your battery box as long as all the contents are secured within your box crate. There must be no unprotected leads and or visible connections. Your box must be sealed as securely as possible. Please follow the posted packing instructions in your Robot manual.

I always forget about the Q&A.