Yea, so it looks like since the robots are all gone… everyone is here! How’d shipping go for everyone? Was your robot completely done when you shipped it? :smiley:

  • Katie

Team 86 has a complete robot in the crate. Should we chose to tweek one of our favorite parts at regionals our robot would not change in functionality. It would just change the noticeability of us…

We were working almost right up until the truck came to take it away. We decided to put 2 team members inside with flashlights so they could keep working while its in storage. :slight_smile:

Furious George was shipped at 10 pm last night. I was actually sortof sad to see him go, but I feel a bit relieved too. Now, I can get some sleep :wink: I’m surprised at how much I’ve learned. I’m really glad I could be a part of FIRST this year :slight_smile:
How do the rest of you feel?

We were excited to have it packed up on Sunday night, the excitement ended on Monday morning when the shipping dock called and said the package weighed in at 750lbs. Ohh well new plan each student gets to carry a tool down to florida with them.

Remember to check it in the luggage, the screeners might get concerened when the team has enough tools to disassamble the plane:eek:

That’s why you check bags. 3 bags per person, no more than 70 lbs each, other wise it’s $50 extra. plus, you can have all the sharp pointy objects you want, because it’s rather hard to get under the plane in the air. :smiley:

FedEx just came and picked up our crate. While I will miss R.A.L.P.H. until we next see him in April, it is a huge relief to be able to sleep again.

We packed up Gila V and sent it on it’s way pretty much complete; we just need to put on our nice protective sheet of plastic :smiley:

Our team got Manuel Overdrive crated for shipping about an hour before the truck arrived. (I really liked that comment about including a couple of students inside the box to do further work.) It was exciting to see it finally loaded as each of us felt that bedtime would be at a decent hour for the next several weeks. Good luck to everyone!