Shirt questions

Hey, if we’re going to put our sponsors onto the shirt, are there any specific guidelines we must follow while putting them on?

I don’t believe that their are any guidlines reguarding shirts that i know of.:slight_smile:

No there are no shirt rules at all, u can customize the way u want them to be.

If you are using the FIRST Logo on the shirt you have to watch these requirements. . . . Here

Also, I would OK it with your sponsors before you put logos on the shirt. . . . Some companies have multiple logos and they may want one over another

Usually, from experience, sponsors are religious about their logos. Editing them at all besides resizing and coloring (as long as it’s a one-color logo such as Motorola’s or McDonalds) is taboo.

You can usually get digital files of your sponsor’s logo if you emailed them and requested it as long as you explain yourself.

Also, you may not want to sell anything with your team’s name on it if it DOESN’T have their logo on it.

Whatever you do, it’s best to talk to your sponsors yourself rather than ask us. Most companies have their own specific guildlines, such as FIRST.

Hope this helps.