shirt/swag help

team 4394 (Team Opportunity) is trying to get t-shirts. i have designed many ideas. we are trying to find a company/site that has electic blue shirts, and will print in bland black and matalic silver. Any help? (we are a small team, rookie team with only 6 active members plus more growing members and a couple adults. recruiting more members gradually, we have to order various sizes) the hardest oart is finding the correct colors.

also, any ideas for hand-outs for comps? we dont have a button machine nor a lasar. for crativity info reasons, our mascot(s) are the opportunity rover and we include the spirit rover in some things in its memory ::safety::

thanks ahead for your help, looking forward to our first comp

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Check out
they have different shirts and different colors for each I can guarantee that you will find a shirt color that will come very close to matching.

I believe the above meant

We get ours screened locally, but a sports team at my school used this web site. They are convenient because there is no minimum order.

There are lots of local companies that provide custom printed shirts, and have access to many different sources of shirts. Go to one and talk to the people there - they know what is available and what is not available. I think it is always better to see something in person and talk to an expert than order online, unless you know exactly what you want. And maybe the store can provide sponsorship and give you a discount on the shirts.

Without knowing where you are located (please everyone, put a state in your location field!) it’s hard to give advise on local stores.

Printing in silver may be a problem - I don’t think that is common.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Our JCPenney sponsor store is letting us customize our JCPenney shirts. we found a local place that prints in silver and hopefully they also print electric blue. we may have to hand do some of it because part of our design goes up to the shoulder seam and another part goes around the FIRST logo. does anyone know a company that prints stickers with matalic silver detail? we have a simple black design with a couple silver lines. we may just print them ourselves and silver sharpie the simple lines, but i would like to find a way to make them cut out evenly. i’d try a circle spin cutter that i used to use for buttons but all it does is snag and pull up the sticker paper. ::ouch::

For swag like buttons and screwdrivers, we have a support team that makes them and sees them ordered. These support members also have another role on the team to keep them busy when support has no job.

You don’t necessarily have to use buttons as swag either. At one of our regional competitions, one team handed out magnets that looked like Band-Aids with their team number and a message to be safe on them. Be creative and think outside the box, or should I say, the button. :wink:

Might be getting a bit too off topic, but don’t sweat it with the buttons

Sometimes, the coolest handouts that get the most attention are the little things that are fun to play with and show off. Those snap bands that automatically attach to your wrist would be a good example.