Shirt Trading?

So, who actually makes their own T-shirts? Do you send off a pic to a company and they send you Tshirts the way you want it, or do you buy your own iron-on transfer sheets and iron tshirts?

I was thinking of making non-team member T-shirts, and I’ve been working on something that’ll look real swell. It’s just a personal project, and the design is sort of robotics related, I just need to get consent of the Big Giant Head of my team.

okay, i MIGHT be able to trade ya a team hammond shirt from last year. but im looking for a shirt here. either 461, 469 hoodie, trucktown jersey, a wildstang shirt, or a few others. but i would be willing to negotiate.:slight_smile:

so we have team hammond watches in all kinds of colors this year, anybody think i can get a shirt for that? im curious, i havent asked anybody yet. i also have team hammond arm/head bands.

pm me, e-mail me, or im me on aim if i dont respond to this thread after a bit. i want this whole shirt thing to be planned out before it actually takes place so i can bring some ammo! we will be at the west michigan regional next, so if anybody that is interested in trading will be there that will be good. nationals is also good. i wanna have a lil collection!

A 71 shirt from last year…hmm that sounds interesting…

Would you be willing to trade for a white 461 shirt from this year?

I know i can get one of those… and like for a watch i can trade you a button from us the last 2 years and a knee key chain… possibly through in a purdue mouse pad.

I’ve got my 269 shirt along with my accidentally stolen 269 operator’s badge :stuck_out_tongue: I also have a genuine one-of-a-kind Rick “The Stick” shirt from last year. :smiley:

WAIT! before 461 trades ANYTHING:

I will trade an entire bag of pins, two t-shirts, an armband, and a limited edition Team Hammond slinky for a …

dum dum dum 461 SHERBET SHIRT!

you name it, I will trade it!

Amanda have you ever heard the story of the team sherbert shirt showing up at a goodwill and someone wearing it to school that wasn’t on the robotics team???
MWHAHAHAHAH! if not i’ll tell you in grand rapids!

Hey, anyone else wanna trade or buy?..I think I have 2 more shirts…

I want a team shirt from “The Clockstoppers” (team #???)

Someone help me on this one…

Chewymaster- We make our own shirts… We tie dye 300 shirts a year and we screen them ourselves… 100% TJ2 SHIRTS!!!

anyone wants to trade shirts IM me at millencityhigh or email me at [email protected]

anyone have rare items to trade? i dono like cd’s, bandanananas or even hair decor?

I have 461 shakers and woodblocks (Vintage wood blocks like the wons that have won spirit awards and crap hehehe)

umm if i looked hard enough i have some yellow and black GM footballs that say 461 on the side…

Our trading items for nats this year are super cool…and we dont have a ton so they will be hard to get:)

runs to grab random power tools from pit to trade for other things:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an IRI shirt from last year, if anyone would like to trade something for that.

I’m not sure what shirts I’m looking for…but I’ll also buy shirts from anyone…unless you wanna trade a TEAM FORD FIRST shirt…I think I have a Sweet Repeat CREW shirt somewhere…but I don’t think Ford would appreciate me trading those…:stuck_out_tongue:

We’re not allowed to trade our shirts.:frowning:

One of these days ill take a pic of all my team shirts that I have collected and it is in the double digits. My secret is that I just order extra Technokat shirts, but that gets quite expensive :wink:

hrm, ironically, im wearing another team’s shirt right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a TJ 2001 shirt i’m willing to trade. Let me know…I really want a Vermont shirt!!!

ok… so who wants to trade for an 88 shirt… I forgot who wanted to trade… Also tell me what size you are and where you want to meet in Nationals…

Okay, I decided to change the type of shirt that I’m going to trade at Nationals…it’s not going to be the RUR shirt cuz only I’m thinking that only Rochester teams should wear those.
I do have another one that has the do’s and dont’s of robotics…it has 9 mini cartoons and different rules of robotics…it’s fun but they’re white and black…that design was submitted for Rochester United due to it’s complexity, however, they will be availible for trading or purchase! Let me know if you want to see them in Houston or want one! :slight_smile:

I’ll check those out on Thursday… My team doesnt wear tie dye on thursday(only on friday and saturday) but I will have the tie dye to trade…