Shoot while Activating Touchpad

Is any team considering a design/planning on being able to launch final fuel after you’ve activated the touchpad (you have climbed)? In 2013, teams shot while hanging from the Pyramid, giving them time to multi-task. Thoughts on this idea? Had it been considered?

there is no rule against it, but I’d beware of G22. You’d have to ensure you are facing the right way.

robots that shot frisbees while hanging had good alignment left to right, so were not swinging in the breeze

This does give you some small advantage on getting some leeway into your climbing time, or just a way to get a few more points. But I think the occurrence of this will be more like when teams shot one last Boulder after Scaling in Stronghold. It’s nice, and convenient and VERY cool if you can do it. But is it worth designing your robot around? Naw.

EDIT - Oh yeah, we’re hanging onto a flexible rope this year, not a rigid steel bar. There’s no way I’d plan to be able to do this and I certainly wouldn’t waste time trying to.

This is true, however I will mention that depending on how much force you apply on the touchpad, it may be possible to hold yourself in a very static position. Just food for thought.

Will FIRST be angry if we hit the touchpad with, say, 100lbs of force?

Considering that hanging is an end game task, and fuel takes time to process, it’s rather risky to shoot while hanging (not to mention somewhat challenging). You might just be better off doing a last set of shots before you hang, and hanging right near the end.

Limit the time you have to be up on the rope, and ensure that all your points are counted.

beware G15. how fast is that 100 lbs of force applied? it takes only 3lbs to push the pad.

i can imagine some team building a slow climber (20 secondish) that shots all during the climb. Agree that you should opt for climbing faster and shooting before climbing, but technically legal

But, there’s an interesting end-game protection for the shot. In the last 30 seconds, if you are in contact with your rope, you are protected in the sense that your opponents are penalized for touching you. So, you might not want to shoot once you’ve climbed, but you may want to shoot once you have touched it. Those are all essentially guaranteed points, because either you get points for climbing the rope (per <G07>) or you get your shots in the goal.

You could even touch it, shoot, reload, touch again, shoot again, and then climb…if you have enough time.

It’s the only truly protected shooting location in the game, and it only happens in the last 30 seconds of the match.

The number of missed shots with those lightweight balls will go up drastically as the range increases. Making a robot that can hit the high goal from the carpet under the nearest davit will be much harder than one that can hit it from being in contact with the boiler, or at least in the key.

Edit: This is intended as being in addition to the other concerns mentioned above.

Remember that it takes time to “process” the fuel scored in the boiler, and any unprocessed fuel will not be counted towards your score. Buzzer beater shots are not a strategy I would design around in 2017.

Oh, I agree that being up against the boiler in the key is the easiest shot. But the key is not fully protected. The only provision is the 5 second rule. I can totally see a defender watching a team get lined up for that oh so perfect shot, then jump in the key, kit the back corner of the robot and spin them out of alignment. Then, they would have to back out before the 5-count ended. But there’s no distance provision as in pinning, so once they are fully out of the key, they can go in for 5 more seconds.

The only place where you get points for the opponent interfering with your shot is if you are touching a rope in the last 30 seconds. This is unlike 2012, 2013, or 2016, and more closely resembles 2014 regarding shot defense, IMHO.

Never disagreed with legality, just questioning the actual value of executing the idea.