Shooter angle and compression

We have been started to design a couple of prototypes to test the shooter and we were not sure how this year’s game piece is affected by the compression. How was your guys’ experience with different compressions and how much was sufficient? Also, we are thinking to shoot the ball by touching the fender. What do you think our angle should be? We are planning to shoot at the high hub.


Are you planning on shooting into the high or low goal. The answer would likely change the significantly.

To high

From what we found with Ri3D, is that the balls like to compress a lot at only 3.5 psi, so unlike where last year where 2in is a lot here 2in was a perfect amount of compression from our testing.
Secondly under that compression we found a 70° to be perfect however that is also based off your shooter speed. We ran one falcon 500 1:1 and we hitting 90% of our shots.


If someone doesn’t mind destroying a game piece.

It would be very informative if they could fill one to ~10 psi for a few days. Drop it down to 3.5 psi, then measure the new diameter.

Would you mind sharing at what distance you were shooting from?
Unfortunately for us, our kit of parts black tote came with everything except the blue and red cargo. :sweat:


We will touch the fender and shoot vertically.

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How far was your shot. The calculator I thought 70 would be a good angle but that was for a 11 ft distance or so. The initial floor ball location from the goal is a sweet spot maybe.

I think that is another spot without having to aim much other than being against it. Depending on where the launch point is it is close to near vertical, maybe a few degrees off 90 is where I was thinking without testing.

What size of wheel were you using?

We are lining up for a wall shot where our bumpers will be placed against the Fenders.

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4in Stealth Wheel


How’s the slowdown of the Falcon between shots? Are there any PID loops (or flywheels) in there, or can a single Falcon 1:1 single-handedly shoot balls without significant slowdown?

We will have some videos coming out today that demonstrate it well, but the slow down is significant. I believe 2 Falcons/NEO’s to be necessary for consistent shots.


Ironically so far higher compression has affected our shooters more poorly. I don’t know our exact sweet spot but it’s somewhere around 1/4" as for shooter angle it depends on how you want to shoot. If you want to shoot directly next to the hub, somewhere closer to straight up and down, for example 80 degrees, would be better. If you plan on shooting from further out then an angle would be able to be lower than closer up. Another thing to think about is if you want 1 sweet spot/ring or several. The more area you want in your sweet spot the more you have to be able to control the ball. Personally we want to have a variable launch angle so we can shoot from several spots and shoot on the move.

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I’m curious, what wheels are you using for your flywheel?

We’ve tested several types, from highly compressible to incompressible. Overall we’ve gotten the best results with very minimally compressible, or incompressible wheels.

Straight Flex Wheel (4" OD x 1" WD, 1-1/8" ID, 60A)

The straight flex wheel at 4" seemed to work best at least last night.

Almost forgot, we also have been adding weights to our flywheel to try and determine how much inertia is good enough. And we spun it at around 3500-4000 rpm or so

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Also, how far are you shooting the balls from? I am curious because these variables are way different than our testing.

We’ve shot from 15’ and 20’

They did not all go over the 8’ 8" mark

Roughly 45 degrees shot angle

2 neo motors providing the torque

4 misc gears being used to create a larger moment of inertia

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