Shooter ball entry angle

Does anyone know how much of a factor the entry angle of the ball into the shooter makes? We are planning on using a similar shooter to the FIRST Capital RI3D bot, but were wondering if it would still work fine if the ball did not enter from the bottom with the obvious dimensional adjustments.


I’m speaking off theory not practice here, but the angle the ball enters from should have little (but not none) impact on it’s exit performance. I imagine that the longer the better, because it will allow the motor to input more energy during contact, but 2 wheel shooters have basically the smallest contact time possible between the projectile and the wheels and they work fine.


Lots of variables can affect single flywheel shooters, including compression of the ball, compression of the backing material, surface finish of the backing material, wheel diameter, wheel surface finish, gearbox reduction, motors used, backing arc length, ball speed on entry, moment of inertia of the spinning shooter shaft, and many others I’m forgetting right now.

Entry angle will likely impact some of these other items (ex. length of the arc), so you will likely exhibit different (but not necessarily better or worse) behavior than we did)

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