Shooter bots?

I made a prediction back in Kickoff that there would be someone who would build a shooter robot and shoot cargo into the rocket

Has anyone seen a good example of this or was i wrong?

I haven’t seen one yet but if there is literally nobody who decided to make one I would be shocked. Somebody has to have gotten tired of placement games and decided to make this year into a shooting game.

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I’d be very surprised if anyone actually did it with success. The holes are incredibly small relative to the ball size, it’s what like 1 inch around the edge? That severely limits your available shooting angles. I doubt you’d be able to shoot into the top rocket, you’d need a lift to decrease the angle.

Our cargo ship ball dispenser can shoot cargo to the height of rocket 2 when at full power. It just has no reliable way to aim. Couple that with the cargo being less than uniform in shape, and it would be amusing to watch, but ultimately not effective.

Bounce and shooting don’t mix

25 from MAR did this for the high goal.

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2411 The rebel alliance from the PNW was a shooter with a ramp. not sure how effective they were, when I get the data I will edit this comment.

Team 3138 built a very dense, short robot that popped cargo up into the cargo ship with a flywheel shooter. Even though they didn’t end up dialing in any rocket shots, it was still a fun machine to watch.

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