Shooter on LABVIEW programming

can someone help me with our shooter programming.our robot consist 2 CIM motor connected to the pneumatic tires and we are using jaguar.i tried programming it but it didnt work.

We had some problems setting up our shooter early on. Make sure you initialize your Jaguar in Make sure you close the reference in Make sure the software values for the PWM outputs correspond with the actual PWM outputs on the sidecar. Make sure you use working PWM cables and make sure your Jaguar isn’t bad.

Those are all quick checks for issues that we have had. If you include a picture of your code or more specifics about the problem I can give more specific help. :confused:

You’l need to be more specific on what you’re trying to accomplish. How many motors? How many Motor Controllers? How Many Solenoids? What do they need to do?

If there’s somebody more knowledgable about this, refer them to here if they need help with it aswell.

If you put a picture up I can send you any code you need to fix it.