Shooter power

I’m wondering what are the benefits to having multiple motors on a shooter. Does it help recover speed faster, helps get to speed faster, helps to run more speed etc.

To answer your specific questions:
Yes, yes, not necessarily.
The motors can only run so fast, regardless of how many there are.

Right, i should have clarified i meant like having 2 motors so you didn’t have to gear down the motor as much. So you could have the torque you need and faster speed.

Yeah torques add. Therefore powers add too.

Another benefit of dual/multiple motors is that (assuming you gear appropriately), you can often improve the operating efficiency of your motors, reducing overall battery draw for a given load and both reducing and distributing heat generation in the motors. DC brushed motors typically have a peak efficiency when running 75+% of free speed and generating significantly less than half of their peak power. For fan-cooled motors, those numbers may be more like 90% of free speed and less than 30% of peak power.