Shooter range

From watching week 1 and 2 events I saw a lot of shooters and their ranges their massive ranges and multiple shot locations. I’m curious to know, what your teams shooter range is.

We have a sweet spot that allows us to shot from multiple distances. We can make shots from 7-11 ft consistently

Here is a forum with a similar question I asked midway through the build season.

We have two different release angles, one tuned for ~2-4 feet (behind the low goal) and another for ~6-18 feet.

We have a range of about 60 feet which we tuned down to 45. The release angle also allows us to shoot in the high goal 36" away from the high goal.

We are about 8’ to 20’ with a 4’ “dead zone” in the middle due to our arc. However most of that dead zone can be eliminated if we are doing a driving shot.