Shooter Tips

Our team was thinking about doing 2 pneumatic wheels for our shooter, but we are not sure if we have enough room in length. We measured everything multiple times and we possibly could fit. We are planning to shoot from the back side of the pyramid, if we had just one wheel, would it decrease the distance so much that we couldn’t make it? or should we go through the trouble of squeezing another wheel in there (it’s really close)?

I would suggest trying both of them starting with the one wheel.

I believe that totally depends on what your frame size is. We are planning on 2 pneumatic wheels and it fits fine on our frame. We would be able to help you more if we knew the size of your frame.

I believe that using 2 wheels is much more effective than one however. Our team personally has not tried both but decided early that two wheels would be necessary for the frisbee acceleration.