Shooting accurately with decreasing power cell quality

During our week one event our autonomous went from consistently scoring three to missing every shot by the end of the event because the quality of power cells drastically decreased. Changing the setpoint worked to fix some of the issues with shooting old balls, however, when we shoot a new ball with this setpoint it overshoots the goal. Is there a way to detect ball quality so we can shoot older balls with one setpoint and newer power cells with a different one, or is this more of an engineering issue? Our only idea right now is for autonomous we manually input the quality of each ball as we control how they are loaded so they are shot differently but for teleop this will not work and even manual input has not been tested so we are unsure if that will work. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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At our event at Palmetto, we implemented a way to change the speed of our shots up or down while on the field. The driver would press up on the D-pad and it increased our shooter speed by 100 units or so across all of our shooting positions as well as being able to decrease by pressing down on the D-pad.
We didn’t end up using it much for our event personally… but I think this could help to solve your problem.
Autonomous is trickier, I would recommend doing what we did for auto and pointing out worn-out balls to the field reset people and see if they can give you better quality balls to preload.

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