Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

There is currently an active shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. More details can be found here:

Stoneman Douglas High School is team 5196’s school. Please if anyone knows members on that team, make sure they are alright.

thoughts and prayers from 2926

Wishing everyone is safe and ok

Thoughts and prayers to all those students, teachers, policemen, and paramedics involved.

This is actually the second shooting at a robotics school this build season. Two people died, and 14 were injured at Marshall County High school here in Kentucky, home of team 6157.

All school shootings are awful, but these past couple have hit close to home.

While watching the news coverage of the shooting earlier they mentioned this is the 18th school shooting already this year… Whatever is causing all this violence is horrible and all I wish was these students experienced a program like FIRST. FIRST’s goal is to teach and empower students and seeing stuff like schools shows that the right people weren’t touched by great programs like ours.

To anyone effected: check in with a counselor, it’s ok to cry, remember to eat, pet some small animals. Don’t worry about robotics for a bit, focus on you and your friends. If your build space is inside the school chances are it’ll take a couple days at least for CSI/FBI/Police to clear the building anyway.

Thoughts and well-wishes.

My thoughts go out to team 5196. The FIRST community is thinking about you.

Mine, as well as Team 2383’s thoughts and prayers, go out to members of team 5196 and students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. We hope everyone is safe.

Best wishes and prayers to 5196 from 4931. We will keep an eye on the boards for a way to help.

Team 5557 sends our condolences and prayers from neighboring Miami, Florida.

Is 5196 still active? Their website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2015. If anyone here has current contact with them, please post the info. The FIRST community has always been eager to rally round and help out teams in distress.

They are signed up for the Orlando Regional.

Thoughts and prayers from team 5016 to all who were affected by this tragedy.

Yes, and I’d love to see something done for them at Orlando… I think my team is going to try to do a video at our local scrimmage this weekend but I’m not sure yet.

Their website and Facebook were just updated last night to reflect recent happenings, and to include their latest contact information.


Please send them your support and well-wishes, and keep them in your thoughts. There are four days left in the season and to be facing such a tragedy at a time such as this is not easy…

Sending prayers and condolences. We are open to help however we can. If anyone from 5196 sees this, there are a lot of people to help you out this time of year. In my mind, robots are nothing compared to rebuilding the team and students after this tragic incident. We’re here to help.

You’re in our thoughts and prayers,
Your Friends on 2869