Shooting/Catching Mechanism Idea

I’ve attached a rough sketch of an idea for a shooting/passing/floor pickup/catching robot. We’ve decided to tackle this competition from a different angle so I thought this may be useful to somebody.
This mechanism was dubbed the catch-a-pult by one of our team members.

Looks interesting but be mindful that you can’t extend more than 20" outside your frame perimeter.

Yes, that was why we changed our idea, although with the use of the motorized wheel on the articulated top arm you only have to reach 11-13in out so that it can reach the largest portion of the ball and pull it into the rest of the “cage”.

Our team is working on a similar concept, only with a puncher, instead of a catapault.

Yeah what’s what we’re looking into. If I may ask are you guys heading towards some sort of pneumatic launcher or a spring/surgical tubing method?