Shooting from 2 sides

Say you have a kicker that works on both sides, (front and back of the robot) using the same motor.

Would this be against the rules, because each time it is activated it goes
past the Frame Perimeter, on both the front and back. Even though it is to
come into contact with the ball, only one side at a time is used for that purpose, with the other side not doing anything. (just thought i would ask
you guys before i Q&A’d it… Also not up yet)


a. BALL Interaction Volume – Solely for the purposes of interacting with a BALL, MECHANISMS that are below the BUMPER ZONE may extend up to the BUMPER PERIMETER, for a period not exceeding two seconds. After returning inside the FRAMER PERIMETER, such MECHANISMS are not permitted to re-extend beyond the FRAME PERIMETER for at least two seconds.
(emphasis mine)

The mechanism that is on the opposite side of the robot would be extending for a purpose other than interacting with a ball. That’s my opinion, anyway.

I would think it would be fine, because it is a single mechanism interacting with the ball just on one side of the robot even though it is a single mechanism. but i could be wrong.

I would definitely Q&A it. It seems like it could go either way, but I’m leaning towards it being legal. Again though, it could go either way so I’d talk to FIRST in their forum.

I’m sorry I don’t have the rules numbers and their exact wording but your bot would pass legally if…

  1. Even though you HAVE two mechanisms, you only possess one ball at a time.

  2. Your kicker is allowed to extend out into the bumper frame, so you have 2.5" more to work with, BUT the kicker needs to come back within your robot frame within 2 seconds.

So essentially you can have both kickers, and they both can pass into the bumper frame, but no further. And they must come back into the robot frame within two seconds.

This is a great idea!!! Thanks!!!