Shooting into High Goal Distance

Hi everyone,

The high goal is right in the middle of the field, and the distance from the goal wall to the other alliance pyramid is about 6 feet.

I was wondering, are other teams planning to score from within 6 feet, directly in front of the high goal? Or are you planning to score from the side of the pyramid, at an angle to the goal, so you can have a greater distance? If so, will it be significantly harder to score because you’re shooting from an angle?

The reason is, our shooter currently scores reliably from 26 feet away, but I think that’s infeasible during the competition because the pyramid would likely get in the way, and I calculated that the shooter angle would have to be about 60 degrees to make it to the high goal from within 6 feet, which is really high.

Any suggestions/strategies?


Shoot while touching your pyramid. You’re protected there.

You lost me. I can’t find any dimension that puts the high goal 6 feet away from any pyramid, much less the opposing one. The near side of yours is over 10’ away horizontally (27’ half field-108" to auto line-94" pyramid base).

We’re shooting mostly through our pyramid from the back, 18 feet horizontally into the high goal. We can shoot accurately from farther back, but there’s nothing there for protection until the loading zone. (We’ve made some from there, but nothing strategic.)

I think this will be a popular spot…maybe we’ll have a queue of robots waiting to shoot from there

From our calculations the shooter should be pointed at 40 degrees from the front of the pyramid.

So you’re shooting through the pyramid? Isn’t there a pretty high chance that it’ll hit one of the pyramid bars on the way through, or is there enough room between the bars that it’s not an issue?

I hope no more than the key was last year…sure, it’s popular, but allies learn to share. Plus the goal is wider that last year–we have even more ‘horizontal’ freedom now, so hopefully it’ll be the 2012-style ‘finish shooting as the other aims’. We’re also trying to tune sitting at the back corner (i.e. beside) the pyramid, but we want to get one of those chain racks built first based on what others have said about bouncing out.

As for hitting the bars, there’s a good bit of room. We have a pyramid and are not hitting the bars at all.

@Aaron: The angle discrepancy is because the pyramid is no where near 6 feet from the high goal. I’m not sure where the foot measurement came from. At the correct 122" (~10 feet), it’s 40deg with a linear trajectory. We actually only need 30–catching some air, apparently! But we don’t like that shot much. Not very consistent for us (catching some air, apparently.) Considering refining it though, particularly if Mr. Forbes is right that there’s a queue at the back. The front is more defensible, though. We’re essentially indefensible from the back.

In our teaser the robot is about centered on the tape at the back of the pyramid. We start to have problems with the pyramid about mid-field.

Their, shooter may be attached on their robot lower to the ground which is why they may have different numbers.

40 is the maximum (i.e. from the floor) angle to the bottom of the goal. (44 is to the top of the goal.) 60 is really, really steep.

OH ok thanks for clearing that up. I never did the calculations so I wouldn’t know.

No problem. I think we’re all just trying to help out this person, but are confused as to what they’re envisioning.

Ok, thanks a lot!

I think I misread the field diagrams to get the 6’ distance to the pyramid, it’s 10’, sorry about that.

So if the back of the robot is touching the front of the pyramid, then a 40 degree angle will score with a straight trajectory?

Thank you for clearing up the mistaken distance, I was confused as well. In answer to your original question, we are planning on shooting from the back of the pyramid (like Siri’s team). We also can shoot from the feeder slot though. The shooter guys say that they hit 60-70% but I think that it is a little closer to 50% currently. We are refining that and hope to be hitting at least 75% by FLR. Our main strategy is feeder first with a robot blocking for us but we are fully prepared to make trips back and forth.

perhaps, but the pyramid bars are further apart than the width of the goals in the first place, so if it hit’s a bar, it probably wasn’t going in anyways.