Shooting issues

We need help with our shooter.our shooter is not shooting high enough that we want it just go little bit and fell. we try everything to make this shooter to shoot proper distance…but same thing…I need your help please help us …thank u.:] :]

Describe the shooter please. We can’t help otherwise

Details needed. Linear or curved shooter? What motors are you currently using? What wheels and what size? Are you using any gearboxes?

This moters connected and btw we are rookies soo

My guess is that you aren’t getting enough torque to make the speed useful or way too much compression. Have you tried 1:1 with the cims?

Other pic is here

Yeah we did try

Are the discs hitting the bolts you have holding the shooter down? Any idea on what your compression is?

It looks like the issue is you are using gear reduction to slow the motor output down.
Many teams are directly driving those wheels with the motor, no gear in between. You will get lots of torque, but speed it what you need.

I don’t think is hitting the bolts and idk about that…:confused:

Most of the linear shooters that people are using are using an overdrive setup for their gears. It appears from your picture that you have a small gear on the motor and larger gear on the wheel which will reduce the motor output rpm. Maybe try putting a larger gear on the motor?


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Can u give us an idea how u connect those directly to motor bec we try didn’t work so we have to use gears…

Also you may need something with some grip to it on the opposite wall from the wheels. This will allow the frisbee to spin more. More spin = more stable flight

Mechanical Mentor

Ok and other thing do we have to,have tight enough both side to throw higher frisbee.

I would highly recommend mounting it so that those bolts aren’t there right at the exit. There’s almost no way that isn’t causing a problem. Try bolting through the side walls above the area discs travel through, or the top surface.

Another issue could be that your wheels aren’t lining up well with the flat edge of the disc, so they aren’t getting a good contact. If you can get the center of the wheel tread to touch the disc on the flat edge, you should get good results.

Also, I’m assuming you’ve fiddled with compression and motor speed, but if you haven’t, that’s step 1.

Ok we will do that thanxxx though

You can use gears if you have to, they just have to be the same size.

Our team is getting some awesome shooting distance with just one motor, our shooter design in some way looks like yours. We had some issues regarding the shooting distances so we decided to use the CIM motor without any gears. And we also lifted the tire a little so that contact with the frisbee is made from under the tire (if you want to do this make sure it makes a decent compression). Another way to improve accuracy and shooting distance is eliminating vibration, we are still trying to figure out how to do that, we have already eliminate it to some extent and it has resulted in more accuracy, but we still have some vibration to get rid of.

This is a small (very small) video of our shooter.

Hope the advice helps you.

If you find the direct drive parts or out of stock at AndyMark, I bought a couple of extra ones and can FedEx them to you. Let me know. Email at [email protected].

The sheet metal you are using looks like it may flex a lot. Might try to stiffen up the lower contact surface to that it does not flex while shooting.