Shooting speed

How quickly are teams shooting there 3 balls. Not counting lining up but how quick are all 5 ball out the robot, just curious

How fast you shoot the 5 balls out of your robot, is all dependent on your robot’s capabilities. For example if you plan to shoot the balls out of your robot in about 1.5 seconds, can your shooter wheel actually handle that? What I mean by that is if you have enough rotational inertia to keep the power cells at the same speed. If you are okay with the inconsistency in shot speed then you can surely rip them all through and maybe miss a couple.
But to answer your question my team is shooting all 5 in about ~1.5 seconds.

For the fastest I’ve seen so far, I’ll point you to Semis 2 Match 2 at the FNC Wake event.

(thats us yes I know humble brag)

Our quickest is palmetto quarterfinals match 8 at 2:00 on blue alliance

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