Shooting Vs. Time hanging 30

I am going through strategies and want YOUR opinion. Is it worth going for the 30 point hang if you have a great shooter? Considering space for shooter and climbing, what would YOU do???

If you have a great shooter and have space for an effective 30 point hanger I see no reason why you wouldn’t

What would you consider a “good shooter”? You can easily go for a 10 pt hang and get it in under 2 seconds but if you go for a 30 point hang and it takes about 20 seconds, would it be better to shoot to match those points? Maybe auto coming into play?

I would compare this to last season.
Do you try the 3 robot balance, or focus on shooting more baskets to try and win the match (with 1 or 2 robots balancing) during eliminations.

Very true too, do you think there will be a large number of teams that can do a 30pt hang in under 15 seconds?

Personal opinions and quick not-too-exact math:

4 shots in the 2 point = 8 points/unload @ 10 seconds/clip

120 seconds/(takes a robot @10fps 5 seconds to cross a field*2 field lengths+5 second human loading time = 15 sec+10 sec/clip=25 seconds)=4.8 trips (round to 4)

4 trips * 8 points/trip = 32 points

plus maybe a 2 disc 2 pointer/disk auton = 2*2=4 * 2 (auton bonus) = 8

Subtotal 32+8=40

  • quick 10 point hang

50 points

Not taking into account for floor pickup near the end of the match, which would boost your score (quicker “trips” to load up) and shooting only at the 2 point goal. 50 points/match ain’t bad if you ask me, and with the amount of extra practice time you’d have by keeping it simple with a shooter you can probably boost it a bit more, compared to spending forever solving a 30 point robot with a probably eh/no shooter.

Then there’s the “load the colored discs, climb to the top, dump them in, 50 points” strategy. 50 points for a robot that’s a 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale of difficulty, or 50 points on a robot that’s maybe a 4 or a 5. Your choice.

I also believe that any 30 point climber, except for if someone manages to pull off one that climbs the 68 degree pole, would pretty much take up your entire robot.

That is what I was looking at. Our shooter in 7-8 at 54 feet in 3 point goal right now, and 6-6 in the 2pt and 3pt goal at half court. I feel we have good shooter but i figure if we can score two in auto at 3pt goal and 4-5 cycles in 3 pt goal during tel(not counting if we stay back at feeder station and shoot from there) and a 2 second 10pt hang will be good.

Last year (unless they were 1717), teams scored more by doing the endgame than by shooting. I expect this year to be similar.

Also have to look at world final matches on Einstein. I cant recall a triple balance, teams went for 2 bots balancing or less and kept shooting.

Three of those alliances did win their divisions tripling, to be fair.

Might be due to the fact that there were rarely 3 moving robots for a given alliance at a given time. 3 of the 4 Einstein alliances had consistant triple balances.

My team decided that the thirty point climb was too consuming of match time and space on the robot, but more importantly, we decided it would consume to much of the build season and leave us with little to no practice time. So we decided to focus on the shooter and leave our programming team with enough time to perfect an autonomous mode and our drive team with plenty of time to reduce transition time during feeding.

Very true on Einstein matches lol. But if your robot alone can get 50-80 points you are in good shape in my opinion. But we are in Michigan…States will for sure be interesting.

IMO if your robot can get 20 points it will be in good shape. I think 50 to 80 would make you the star of most regionals. If history is anything to go by, the answer to this question is probably hang. In the games I have been a part of, only the top robots have been able to outscore the endgame, and most choose to attempt it anyway.

A. It’s a 60-degree pole.
B. Lots of teams will at least attempt the corner climb.

100% correct! I think for most teams, they need to be able to secure a 10pt hang, very easy, can do it without any moving parts. Auto will be huge too! If teams can pick up off floor and score lets say 4-5(HOT, Simbotics, etc…) they will have a huge advantage.

If the last several years of FRC games is any indicator - The overwhelming majority won’t hang for 10 points let alone 30.

The manual says 68 degrees not 60…

I feel like i remember your name for some reason, it is really sticking in my head! But a lot of teams might not attempt but really a 10pt hang will be the easiest thing in this game if you do it right, beside for just driving around of course.

Depends on how you look at it. :wink:

I disagree considering how easy it is to climb the first level.