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Hey we’re looking to update our shop. How do you guys organize your parts and tools? What is your shop layout/workbench like? How do you suggest organizing a small area?

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Consider looking into 5s methodology for organizing your workspace. The more visual the better, and if you keep it simple it will be more likely to be sustained. If you have more questions on specifics just hit me up and I’ll get you some resources.


Came here to say 5S.


Heres a good article and pictures of team 1619

1293 joined Team Super Pit this past season, and life was much better as a result. We modeled ours off of 148’s design as Onshape practice, with two key changes:

  1. Adapting the shelving for our existing hardware organizers. (Ours have apparently been discontinued, to the point we dropped a little over $100 to clean out our local Home Depot to have some extra, but this is in the spirit.)
  2. We made ours out of wood, to keep the cost and outsourcing down. 2x4 lumber also happens to be pretty easy to model in Onshape.

We didn’t nail everything (the hutch’s purpose could be refined a bit, and some of the organizers are tricky to remove if they get knocked off-track), but it was still a great time-saver in the shop and even more so in the pits at competitions. And the additional workbench space is very welcome.

If you do roll your own, spend money on casters. Good industrial casters even be transferred to an upgraded cart later, while cheap crappy casters will mean you’re sitting with a beached or half-collapsed pit. Don’t skimp there.

We have an off-the-shelf rolling toolbox for tools, nothing fancy there.

For 2020, we are examining a second cart styled like our first but probably without the hutch on top. This would replace our battery cart and provide additional parts storage, enough that I’d feel pretty comfortable saying “if it isn’t on the cart, it does not travel with us”. Which eliminates a failure we saw at Smoky Mountains of certain parts not getting packed.

The process isn’t 5S proper, but I’m sure someone could shape it into that with a little work. Either way, make it idiot-resistant.

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