Shop Sabre Router not working (cannot initialize pic33 chip)

Hello all, our Pro 404 Shop Sabre router has been down for a while. Initially, the x-axis would only move in 1 direction, we replaced the buffer chips which fixed it for about a week. Now our router is entirely broken and we’re getting “cannot initialize pic33 chip” error. Per Shop Sabre’s advice, we’ve swap out the daughter card and we checked the grounding well but now they’ve stopped responding. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


sorry, I dont. but I’ve called their support service for our router at work a couple times and they have been great at helping. I recommend just working with them until its solved.


Just bumping this thread — we have called shopsabre support and have gone through a number of steps in order to try and resolve the problem with no luck.

The next step is to have a shopsabre tech fly out and diagnose/fix the problem but that is $1500/day.

Does anyone know of a Bay Area technician or repair person that could help? Team 8 is located in Palo Alto so right between Peninsula and South Bay.



We use IMS to service our machine tools, including a shopsabre IS 408. Our experienced has been mixed overall (we probably aren’t getting the full value out of what we’re spending, but generally they are good at diagnosing and fixing issues with common machine tools they see a lot of).

They do work on our shopsabre, but I don’t know that they had experience servicing shopsabres prior to ours. All of their service of our shopsabre has been regular maintenance as opposed to troubleshooting.

Our contact is Jillian Matthewson: jillian(AT) if you want to get in touch.


So, the last time I had an error while I was working at AndyMark, the issue ended up being a cable not being fully seated at the router itself. They had me seat and reseat the cable, daughter board, etc.

I’m surprised Shop Sabre didn’t have more suggestions. We also had to send the PC back to WinCNC at one point, see if that’s an option? It might be cheaper.

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Hey Jon, thanks for the suggestions. We sent the whole driver card back to WinCNC and they replaced a few ICs that had blown. All the diagnostics supposedly checked out before they returned the card to us, but it still threw the same error on our machine.

We did check the wiring in the control box and did some vacuuming. Part of me suspects a loose chip is causing a hard-to-find short somewhere which is blowing the ICs on the driver card every time it gets plugged in. We’ll check the connections again though, it can’t hurt!

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