Shopping Cart or Carriage?

Sorry, very random question, but I figured you guys are from all over the country and could tell me whether you call them shopping carts or carriages, or anything else. I work at a Supermarket and a customer became upset with me when I asked for his carriage, he said he didn’t know what I was talking about, I needed to call it a cart to have him acknowledge me, now I’m curious what other people call them!

in boston we call them cahts…

…but personally i call them those crazy-cages-on-wheels-they-have-at-the-grocery-store

In south Florida they’re carts…at least with us <i>true</i> Floridians…everyone else is from somewhere else, it seems, but most people call them carts.

~Angela who’s never heard the term carriage for a shopping cart

carts in michigan… ive heard basket also…

Carts in both NY and MD. I’ve never heard them called carriages however. Sounds like there should be a horse pulling it…


I call them carriages, but people around CT can call them carts or carriages… :confused:

I’ve heard carts, carriages, and buggys.

Here we call them carts. I have neer heard them called carriages before.


-Ed “Paper or plastic, cart or carriage” McDonnell

Never heard of carriages before. We call 'em carts.

baskets or carts for us “true floridians”

yep… “cahts” in Boston … and I have heard “buggy” a lot in the Carolinas - particulary North Carolina.

~ lora

do you have horses to pull your carriages?

never heard it in anyother context :wink:

it’s shopping carts for the Hawaiians…

It’s a horse with a buggy behind…

Matt who’ll stop telling really bad jokes now…

Matt, sometimes “bad” jokes are good to hear. If no one kept them going, there wouldn’t be anymore.
Carolyn who has contests with her friends to find the worst jokes possible. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

pam- i work in a grocery store too… i definitely call them carriages…

some people call 'em wagons… i have no clue what they are talking about when they say that. :slight_smile:

I call 'em shopping carts. Though, I think I have heard people refer to them as a wagon. And as far as the whole buggy things goes, I have a friend with the last name Buggy, so I have to be very careful not to make any jokes about that. :slight_smile: Oh, and that’s on Long Island, NY.

~Christina ºoº

I was hoping some of these replys would back me up on my whole carriage thing, it must be a NH term :). stupid horse and buggy jokes, exactly what my crazed customer said :rolleyes: !

Hoosiers (in Indiana) call them carts.