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Starting up a thread to discuss materials/parts which appear to be affected by supply-chain issues, and to discuss potential alternatives.

Here are a couple things that we’ve been having trouble locating from US suppliers.

SB-50 RED Connectors

2 x 1 x 1/16th 6061 Rectangular Tube in lengths over 2 feet

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Online Metals has plenty of 1x2x0.062 6061-T6 in stock right now. You can get standard lengths in 1’ increments from 1’ to 8’, plus 20’ lengths (though the shipping on those is…high, as you might expect.) They’ll also custom cut for you, but most teams don’t care about that.

Have you actually ordered from them? I ordered some 3-foot lengths on the 3rd, and received an email saying that they material was expected to be received on the 24th (at their Seattle facility) and would ship within a day.

I ordered four 4’ lengths of the same tube on 1/6, they shipped the next day, and I had them in hand on 1/10. Seeing as that was only three days ago, it seems unlikely (though certainly not impossible) that a massive supplier like Online Metals ran out. I also just checked the website when I posted this and it certainly seems to indicate that this tube is in stock now.

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Mouser has some Red SB-50s w/ contacts included. They also have plenty of Grey. R609 does not place a requirement on SB-50 connector color.

This is true but it should also be mentioned that SB-50 connectors are keyed so only red/pink ones would be compatible with existing red/pink connectors


Del City and Amazon appear to have Red SB50s in stock:

As @Xenite said, the SB series are keyed so you can’t mismatch colors (except red and pink). If you buy (for example) grey, you need to replace ALL of your SB connector housings - and will have difficulty at competition if you need to share batteries.

@Billfred or other mods, can we pin this post? And maybe change the name… It may be very helpful throughout this season dealing with supply shortages.

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Tuesday I was staring at the pile of a dozen batteries with red SB50 connectors, that we need to recycle…I guess there’s a gold mine in the plastic connector housings? :slight_smile:


AndyMark has our SB-50’s back in stock!

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