Shortcut/Location of executable for Wind River Workbench?

I’ve installed Wind River components and am trying to find a way to open the workbench. The installer is telling me that it is installed, yet I can’t find any executable in the workbench folder to open it. No shortcut was added to the desktop either, and workbench is not in the programs menu.

Can someone please tell me what the file location to one of the shortcuts for workbench?

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On 2605’s classmate, the executable is at:

You, sir, are a god among men.

Toward the end of the installation, one of the last screens, there was a check-box for the installer to create a shortcut on the desktop, right?

It’s disturbing that nothing gets added to programs menu – I saw that too.

Really? It installed both on my home computer (Win XP 32 Bit)

Start->Progams->Wind River->Workbench 3.0 -> Workbench 3.0

My XP-32 worked the same way. No problems.

32-bit Vista, on my laptop and my daughter’s laptop as well, no program shortcuts.
We do have shortcut on the desktop though.