shot from the bridge

During its second match on Saturday morning, FIRST Team 3824 balanced
on the Blue Alliance bridge, then hit a 3-point shot from the bridge! I was wondering if any other team had accomplished this at a regional yet.

1218 has accomplished this as well. It sure is a crowd pleaser!

We didn’t do that, but we did do a double shot, launching two balls from beyond half court scoring 3+1… check it out:

I saw 1024 do this a couple times - once during hybrid mode!

It was either 494 or 70 who did it week one during kettering. It was a qual match, it was pretty cool.

1279 did it once at NYC

1918 hit a one pointer while balanced on the co-op bridge at West Michigan. It bounced off one or two other baskets before deciding to go through. A crowd pleaser, but it didn’t affect the outcome of the match.

We kept trying to do it from the coop bridge, but we couldn’t get the durn opponents to cooperate and balance. We’re going to try again in DC & Champs.

We hit a 3-pointer from the coopertition bridge and the announcer (who happens to be a mentor on our team) thought it came from a human player which almost got us a foul since it happened before 30 seconds. Luckily, one of the refs saw that it came from our robot and let the other refs know. We have a GoPro camera mounted in front of our shooter wheels for Bot-Cam footage - it’s a fun one to watch. We tried it a couple of other times but with no success.

2557 made 2 2-point shots during match 65’s end game in the Portland Autodesk Regional.

I have seen a few teams pull it off! I think I saw a couple Michigan teams hit it over the previous few weeks. I guess most of them have already commented on the thread.

I really thought (and I’m sure after Garrick sees this he’ll tell me he told me so) that bridge shooting, or “ramp-camping” as I and a few members of my team affectionately dubbed it, would be a lot more common.

It just seemed to me that if a team designed for a quick balancing robot, and a long range shooter, they could have done something very effective. They’d be undefendable most of the time (while on the bridge and in the lane), be able to quickly collect balls from either side of the field, and be ready for end game whenever their partners (or opponents, I guess) were.

It just seemed to me like it would have been a great challenge to design for. My team assured me that it would simple by too difficult.

Leeland it is difficult to do consistently without copious calibration. If shooter speed is held constant and launch angle is varied, then the margin of error is ~1.8 degrees. If launch angle is held constant and shooter speed varies, the launch exit velocity has a margin of error of an estimated 0.3 ft/s. This assumes left/right is aligned properly as well and doesn’t apply to backboard shots. This also assumes that the ball(s) shot from the bridge matches ‘squishiness’ of the ball(s) used for calibration.

I think it’s like human player baskets this year – of the many attempts, a relative few will score points.

Oh, I definitely understand it would be a crazy thing to pull off. I’m just surprised I haven’t seen more teams try to implement it.

what are the rules on having a go pro camera on the robot?

It’s considered decoration unless you try to actually connect it to your control system.

2481 made a shot off of the coop bridge. The announcer thought it was from a human player. The shot was made around the 3:15 mark in the video.

2481 made a shot off of the bridge. The announcer thought it was made by the inbounder. It occurs around the 3:15 mark in the video.

1296 shot a 2-pointer from the blue alliance bridge while balanced with 1421 at Dallas West this weekend.

The video shows the ball being shot, but you don’t get to see the actual basket being made. I’m hoping some better video surfaces soon.

103 managed to hit two three point shots from the coopertition bridge at Mt. Olive in the last couple of seconds. The driver realized he had two balls left and just cranked up the wheel speed and the balls hit the backboard perfectly.

Haha, I figured they’d done this on purpose. It was definitely awesome, and looked so effortless. I ran into a few people in my hotel that night who were curious about what on Earth kind of event I was refereeing. I said it was called FIRST Robotics and the coolest thing I’d seen that day was a 150lb robot balance with another one on a teeter-tooter and and then score basketballs from 30 feet away. They showed up Sunday to check it out.

Thanks, Cybersonics :slight_smile: