shot from the bridge

My team, 1296, hit a two pointer from our bridge once we double balanced with 1421 in our first semi final match at the Dallas West Regional!

You are most certainly welcome! I think our drivers surprised themselves. It was awesome and our whole team went nuts! :slight_smile:


We haven’t had a chance to do it in competition, but we’ve done it in practice.

Specifically @2:53


Team 2481 made a shot off of the coop bridge!

Our drive team practiced shooting from the bridge. So it was very cool to watch them pull it off in Portland.

Qualification Match 65

Favorite part is the announcer yelling (@4:30) * “There’s a SOTAbot sinking it, nothing but net! Twice!”*

Also had all 3 bridges balanced that match…too bad we didn’t win it! :o

My team (FIRST team 2481) made a 3-point basket from the Coop bridge at the Wisconsin regional. The announcer thought that a human player had made it in our match too. You can hear him in the video. Sorry for the video quality, but it does show us shooting and making the 3-point shot if you skip ahead near the end of the video (about 3:14).

Here is the link to our bridge shot. Choose the Dallas West tab and scroll down to Semi 1-1 and it is at 3:09 when we take the shot! It was one of the coolest moments the whole regional. Many people thought our semis against the #1 seeded alliance should have been the finals, but here is our half court shot! Enjoy :smiley: