Shots per game.

If the first 15 secs is hybrid and the final 120 secs tele, how many shots to the basket will most teams have during the 120 secs.
Then subtract out the 30 secs for bridge balancing gives 90 secs.
How many shots will most teams shoot in this 90 secs having to gather bouncing balls and being in a position to shoot.
I have been thinking 3 to 9 shots.
What do other teams think ?

depending on how high the defense is i would say:
low defense for one bot maybe 10+
High defense 3-9

I’ll say:

National Avg. alliance Score: 10-15; 10 before penalties.
National Avg. balls scored per robot: 2-3
Very High level robots balls scored: 18+

Teams’ 1st regional: 2-5 made per game
Teams’ 2nd regional: 4-8 made per game
Avg Quals at Champs: 5-10 made per game
Avg Elims/Einstein: 10-15 made per game

Those are guesses per robot not the entire alliance.

I would agree that about 10 will be the maximum average for alliances. The biggest killer for scoring is going to be ball availability. This being the case I would envision defense playing a huge role in how many balls can be scored.