Should FIRST limit the number of regionals teams can attend?

All dressed up with no place to go.

Currently there are 180+ teams waiting in the wings to attend a regional competition. Granted some of these teams may be ones looking to attend more than one regional. But I have to believe that a good majority of them are rookie teams whom were unfamiliar with the processes of FIRST.

I received e-mail about 10 rookie teams in Nevada,
yet don’t see any team from Nevada registered anywhere.

Should FIRST restrict teams to only one regional until all teams are registered for at least one event?:confused:

I believe that there should be a “voluntary relinquishment of regionls” to teams with more than 2 regionals. Now I believe that FIRST is purposely holding back spots for rookies and other late teams, for the time being. But there will just be a date when they will not wait for the rookies anymore to get their act together and just let the people on the waiting list in. I also think that FIRST should require something like a deposit on every regional by next week, for teams with more than 2 regionals. Than teams will have to decide, and no more “parking”, than teams will drop out the regionals they don’t want and let the other teams get in. Because if your a team, that can’t get into the nationals, waiting if you are going to be able to attend a regional, now that presents a problem to people. Every potential team should get at least one regional, and I think FIRST is doing its best to get it done.

Yes, darn straight! There are enough slots for everyone to get two regionals (in the US) and still have room. If everybody worked together with FIRST and eachother, no problems would be had. Now, I can tell you straight-up that FIRST is holding slots. Just look at the numbers. The number of teams that got seats in the NY/NJ/PA regionals is less than last year. In Philly, there were 50 teams there with 16 seats unfilled. That’s 66 slots, as opposed to the <40 established this year.

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I do not mean to be rude, nor do i mean to pick fights, but you call yourself a student leader?

All i am saying, is if i was ever regard as ‘student leader’ type student on my team, i know i would try to be respectable and not choose to use language like that on CD. If you are considered to be something as important as a ‘student leader’ you should use your position with dignified power and watch what example you set for other students on your team and in the FIRST community.

I am just suggesting as a fellow student in FIRST, that if you have problem with something you should think more about how to convey it to others in a smart tone and the right attitude rather than exploding.

Just my thoughts,

There are many other ways to get your point across rather then using not so very nice words. A powerful statement is one that will be remebered and taken by all who read, not a piece of garbage that has no place in the FIRST community.

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