Should Hall of Fame teams automatically go to Champs?

Previously started a thread, but most took it as being in bad taste since it referred to a particular team. I’ve realized it wasn’t the best decision to mention this team.

Simple question: Should Hall of Fame teams automatically advance to the FIRST Championship regardless of their current robot performance or chairman’s outreach status?


Yeah I would say so.

Given the Chairman’s Award has nothing to do with robot performance, the obvious answer is of course.

Sure. If they don’t do well at competition now, that’s their problem. Keep in mind that Worlds isn’t just a competition, it’s also a convention of sorts where you can go to other teams for advice on how they got to where they are.

Giving HOF teams a automatic champs ticket is subpar way to reward teams for their great efforts. For the majority of HOF teams this reward never comes into the equation as they end up qualifying anyway. FIRST can do better. I’m sure for many HOF teams a grant for outreach or covering the cost of champs reg fees would be far more appreciated. It’d be all around awesome if FIRST could give HOF teams a better platform to show off their program and inspire others.

This year there’s a HOF team skipping out on their district champs because they’ve pre qualified. I don’t think that was FIRSTs intention of the reward and potentially could have negative consequences for the local community.

It’d be cool if FIRST could take a page from the district system and allow HOF teams to exhibit their program at champs in some form without their robot if they didn’t qualify through other means.

I’d bet that the majority of students don’t even really know what HOF is. FIRST’S exposure for HOF teams has been abhorrent.


Playing devils advocate here to make this into a discussion instead of a “yes” thread.

Say team A is a HoF team since 200x. They did not compete for 4 straight years, and the revived team has zero connection or association with the group that made the HoF organization. Ever since the revive, they have not made eliminations at any regional.

Should this entirely made up team in this entirely hypothetical situation be allowed a ticket to champs? Why or why not?

I would argue that this downplays the affect HOF teams have on others match to match regardless of their robot performance. I know personally I really do idolize some of these programs and having the opportunity to work with them at champs, or even have a conversation with them, does have a huge effect on us.

The champs ticket is a reward for both the HOF team and every other team at champs. Champs is the biggest stage in FRC and the biggest stage for these teams to influence others.

Just because they have no remaining connection, doesn’t mean their team didn’t already make an impact that should be recognized.

Is giving them a ticket to champs really recognizing them?

FIRST gives a large number of teams the same “recognition” via random lottery.

Honestly, it kind of doesn’t matter. According to, there are 21 teams going to Worlds from the Hall of Fame. 30 teams so far are coming in on the waitlist, with a predicted 35 open slots left after competition. That means that more than 3 times the teams coming in on the highest award in FIRST are going to come to Worlds through RNG alone. That’s not to devalue the accomplishments of any of the teams who have won their way to worlds or to belittle any Waitlist teams, but qualifying for Worlds isn’t exactly an exclusive club.

In this case the team doesn’t qualify. team 144 won HOF in 1996, but the team died out from 2003-2011. The team was allowed to resume with its previous number but without the automatic qualification from HOF status.

My high school team is a HoF team that took quite a bit of time off and is competing again this year. Same school, same mentor, same major sponsor. I don’t know if they have an automatic invite to champs, but I think they should. I think they also don’t have the budget to go, but I’m not sure on that.

I think it’s pretty silly to give free championships invites to teams where no active student/mentor was around when the team won the CCA. I’m not sure if any HOF teams are at this point yet, but if not someone will get there soon.

There are other answers here, but I’m going to bring up an interesting question pertaining the situation mentioned here.

To what extent is a “team”? Is it the school/community center that they’re located at the “team”? Is it the students? The coach? The mentors? The sponsor? Should any team be allowed to revive with the same name/number as before - and if so, what criteria separates “legitimate” revivals from the rest? I’m not sure what FIRST says, so I can’t give any of the official answers to the questions, but I would have to say that it’s hard to define a team by any one aspect (even from year to year teams change, could they be considered different teams altogether?)

I feel professional sports teams see similar problems. Most pro (and college) teams contain players from all over the country/world, so the designation of a team to a city makes little sense (other than where they train and play when at “home”). However, professional teams are owned while most FIRST teams are more communal.

Just my opinion but many of the HOF teams “got it easier” because there were far fewer teams to compete against. Don’t get me wrong, chairmans at Nationals/Worlds is a prestigious award that deserves recognition. I think reevaluating older HOF teams might be a cool idea, but the controversy it would cause would be outrageous.

TL;DR: If you don’t deserve to be there, you shouldn’t be there.

Check out team 23.

My concern with several comments here has already been raised, but I think it is worth raising again, HOF has no relation to your robot performance. It is a chairman’s award and these teams are expected to present what they have been continuing to do every single year while at worlds. This means that any argument of “if they haven’t been in the play-offs in x years” is completely invalid as theoretically a team could be HOF without having ever been in the playoffs.

I’m surprised that people aren’t losing their minds over original and sustaining teams getting a free pass as well to the world championships.