Should I spell out 419 on my shaved head?

Well should I for the competitions?

Go Anton!!! I triple dare ya to!!!:smiley:

But then, would you still look like Jet Li?

-Jessica B

I mena your hair grows fast so you should do it for Reginals and then it will still be there by nationals! if not you could jsut get your whole head shaved! I really htink you should! I mean for a guy it is no big deal!
ohh! and then you can take like you team colors and color the letters in! I would do that to a guy on our team if he shaved 128 in to his head! I think it woudl be cool! I hope to see a guy this his number shaved into he head! teehehe!

Oh my, that would be excentric. Do you think it would really beat the pink hair I and my team mate sported? Two guys with pink, BRIGHT pink hair. I have the pictures to prove it. Carolyn will attest.

I too need to do something with my hair. And soon.

well, every year i’ve changed my hair style ever since i started Rambots.

The first year, I had FIRE ENGINE RED hair. Everyone remembers that I’m sure. I was a blondie and a redhead that season.

The next year, I grew my hair and had the long hair shaggy look. :slight_smile:

This year, I’m bald.

Next year? Time will tell.


Pink hair… Bright pink hair… Did you guys ever get that stuff out of the bath tubs at the hotel? I know the orange stayed for awhile. Yeah I remember the pink hair. When I saw it I thought to myself, “WOW! guys with pink hair, I think I’m scared. They must be wierd.” Once I met the guys with pink hair it was all cool. So who will have pink hair this year?
Anton, if you spell that out on your head I hope you are prepared for everyone to hunt you down and see. We will take up all your time, it will be like havin stalkers… hehe

Carolyn, we, the occupants, did not ever get the pink out of the tub. SOMEHOW the cleaners got it out, and we didn’t get billed for it. I promise my hair will be some color this year other than it’s natural color. That is, unless I have an interveiw or am looking for a job soon after.

BTW, I got a message from Dave I had sent him a message of warning for regionals and he replied: “Just so you don’t get any ideas - this year, Humphrey the Flamingo is ARMED!!!”

If I didn’t tell you about Humphrey, I will.

YAY! That was awesome hair. I must say that you guys were really… brave to do that, and AWESOME! I have no idea what my hair will look like for regionals or nationals. Maybe short and blonde or short and dark or it could be relatively long and dark. I’m taking votes tho…

Short!!! If it’s blonde, it has to be spotty blonde. Non of that bimbo fake blonde crap.

Funny thing I learned…a bimbo is actually a masculine term. If call a girl a bimbo, it’s not just stupid of ditsy, it’s also calling them a stupid/ditsy guy! Too bad the english laguage has no reference to the masculinity of words…stupid english.

*Originally posted by 401Mentor *
**…Too bad the english laguage has no reference to the masculinity of words…stupid english. **

Sorry to get off topic, but I personally don’t like remembering masculinity…
un livre (a book)
une livre (a pound)

un vase
une vase ( see? I can’t remember - one is vase, and the other is mud! ack! and they put me in AP French V!!)

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**Short!!! If it’s blonde, it has to be spotty blonde. Non of that bimbo fake blonde crap. **

So I’m wondering about my hair last year… It was short, no doubt about that, and it was blonde but not spotty. I got a hair cut and bleach in the hotel Thursday night, when we got lectured by the security guard who kept looking at my hair oddly… Most people have told me to leave my hair natural and long. Odd, we’ll see what happens ;).

Well, I don’t know, I guess I’ve never seen you without short hair in person, so…

I dunno, I just like short hair!

I like short hair…I jsut got my hair cut but by hte time I go down to Fl it will be like past my shoulders! well…yea

That would be sweet.
I will find you and take a picture if you do, however.