Should Mountain Dew come in the KoP?

Just an idea… what a great way to advertise to teenagers.

Besides what is the average consumption of mountain dew during the six week build period?

I can’t remember how many cases our team went through last year. We had some nice $ from the can returns.

Preaching to the choir, son.

We drink water, more than a case a day, trying to avoid the “evil” of High Fructose Corn Syrup. You need to read up on how bad that stuff is for you. I Think FIRST would be wrong to promote something that is so very bad for general health, especially to impressionable high school kids.

I’m not opposed to any of the other ingredients however.


My personal answer: YES. Very yes.

Although, those who know me know I should definitely NOT be allowed anything with caffeine.
Also, it’ll probably kill you. Yay water!

Lol we have a few on my team thats the same way.

i don’t know about Mountian Dew, i’m really partial to NOS drinks, that stuff keeps me going though build season, and classes.

Should it come with the kits? No. Should a coupon for it come with the kits? Yah. Pepsi is the official drink company of my family and our school. :smiley: But as mentioned above, some are opposed to promoting those kinds of drinks to impressionable young folk like us. Maybe they should just include a coupon book that includes other stuff, like Pizza Hut, Home Depot, etc…

If they are going to go to that trouble, why not just put money in there? Also, in response to those who oppose mountain dew I say this ‘You got to die some way and it is better this way then alcohol, cigarettes, or coffee. Besides, it tastes good.’

Lol agreed, but it would be really sweet if FIRST got together with big restraunt Franchises, and then had them donate some money, or special deals with FIRST Robotics teams.

Yes, you should NOT be allowed to have caffeine :). Everyone needs to trust me on this…she gets so hyper :slight_smile:

…WATER GAME?:ahh: jk jk

I totally agree, even if they are BOGO or Buy 2 get one free. But defiantly not giving raw mountain dew in the kit. I could get messy if you think about it.

Coupons don’t actually cost anyone money. It’s only taking part of the profit from the company, the only “money” a company would have to pay is to print off the coupons.

Debatable. Coffee is not as bad for you as Mountain Dew. MD does taste good though. I prefer to die in space on my 85th birthday, thanks.

Actually a brilliant idea! I Like it! Probably too late for the 2008 season, but not a bad idea for the future.

40-50 member team, with a strong affection for fluid refreshments. Oh yeah, we go through a lot.

Although as a whole our team’s preference seems to be more along the lines of Pepsi or water, since they are usually in greater abundance (Mountain Dew cases are gone in a day or two, haha).

I voted for the lowest number because I don’t want our kits to get too heavy…

I am currently looking at an empty bottle of Bawls, and according this, there is no high fructose corn syrup in sight, just the regular corn syrup.

I know where I’ll be getting my caffeine during build season!

You can order a case of 24 of Bawls online for about 32 dollars, which is far cheaper per bottle than it is to buy them individually.

Not necessarily mountain dew - Imagine what would happen if there was any kind of accident! “Bridge flooded with mountain dew…” Eek! Dangerous…

On the note of coupons, it might be cool to get something from a bulk store like discount membership…Costco, Sam’s Club…way cheaper than the average franchise, especially if you’re feeding a team for build season.

I love the Dew but i know what it does to me so i partion it off through out build season, thanks to FIRST im more of a water type of guy now!

I think FIRST or even local teams should try and contact major business franchises, and try to get some coupons or gift certificates that could donate to the teams. Pizza Hut, Subway, Quiznos, Papa John. Or maybe Chinese food restraints!! Yum!

All I know is, that after three days at a regional on only 8 hours of sleep, I need something a little potent then mountain dew. NOS energy drinks work pretty well.

All we ever drank was bottled water. If you really want some caffeine, you should try coffee. It’s got way more caffeine than most pop.

Well, having to get up at 8o’clock in the morning on a saturday, Mountain Dew does a pretty good job of waking me, as well as the rest of my team, up.
Mountain Dew along With French Vanilla Cappacino’s and Donuts. Like they say “Robot building is easy just add donuts!” Thank you Dunkin Donuts!!!

I’ve been trying to get my team to order a flat of Spike Shooter (banned in a state or two), for those really late nights. 300mg of caffeine ftw! It also has a blood flow increaser that’s present in viagra… But hey, that crap wakes you up! And keeps you awake all day! And night! And the day after that!

(I don’t actually want to get some of this… I’m kind of a health nut.)