Should Retro Tape be in Black Tote?

In section 3.7 of the game manual it mentions a strip of 3M 8830 Scotchlite Reflective tape being included in the Black Tote of the KOP. However, the Black Tote has no mention of this, and our tote did not include it. Were we supposed to receive any reflective tape in the Black Tote of the KOP?


No, none is included. There is a checklist on the FIRST website for the contents of the tote. However, you can get some in FIRST Choice Round 2.

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Sounds like a Q&A, if just to notify them of the error.

Good catch! I hadn’t noticed that in the game manual, but the tape definitely wasn’t in our tote.


Ah, it might have been a mistake to include that in the manual then. We will likely just order some. Thanks, all.

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